1. Is the Memphis City Gardens a non-profit? Yes, it uses an agent, The South Main Association, to provide its 501©(3) status.
  2. What happens to the money that I pay to the Memphis City Gardens for my plot? The rental fee you pay for a plot goes toward maintenance of the garden, insurance, water, bed building and soil filling, mulch for the walkways and marketing.
  3. How can I sign up for a plot? Applications for plots are available on the Memphis City Gardens website, www.memphiscitygardens.org or contact us at memphiscitygardens@gmail.com.
  4. What rules and regulations are there at the Memphis City Gardens? The Garden Rules and Regulations are posted on our website. Please read them carefully before submitting your application.
  5. How big are the plots? All the plots are 4’ x 8’
  6. When can we start planting? April 1st.
  7. How long will we be able to garden in our plots? The season is April through November.
  8. Do we pay for our plots for the entire season at the beginning of the season? Yes.
  9. If we can’t continue to work our plots, will be get a refund? No.
  10. How many plots are planned? It depends on the interest. We have room for up to 60 beds.
  11. Can we share plots? Yes. You are responsible for finding someone to share the plot.
  12. Can we plant whatever we want? Yes as long as it’s legal!
  13. Will there be anyone to help and advise us about plants and gardening? Yes. We plan to have informational meetings at the beginning and throughout the season.
  14. Can we sell the produce we grow at the MFM? No.
  15. Where will we get water? We have a water meter and the beds are watered by a timer several times a week (dependent on the temperature/rain) for 10-20 minutes at a time. Additionally, if your bed needs additional watering, you can use the hose to water your bed.
  16. Will there be a place for composting garden refuse? Yes, there will be composting.
  17. Do we have to bring our own tools? Yes, you will need to bring your own tools. As the Gardens grow, we may install a tool shed but, presently, a storage space is not available.
  18. Are we responsible for maintaining our plots? Yes.
  19. Are we responsible for maintaining the pubic areas around our plots? Everyone needs to keep the area around his or her plot in good condition.
  20. Are the hours and times we can work our plots restricted? You may work your plot between sunup and sundown each day.
  21. Will the produce growing methods be required to be organic? Yes.
  22. Who is in charge of City Gardens? A Board of Directors heads Memphis City Gardens. The Board will appoint managers who will oversee the day-to-day Garden operations and maintenance.