Dr. Chris Cooper, UT Extension Agent to Speak about Gardening

Dr. Chris Cooper, UT Extension Agent will speak about gardening on Tuesday, April 15 at 5:30pm at Memphis City Gardens on South Front Street, next to the Farmer’s Market at Central Station. Please send any questions you might have to memphiscitygardens@gmail.com so that Dr. Cooper can prepare.


We had a great meeting with Dr. Cooper on Tuesday. He checked the Memphis City Garden beds. Overall things look great. He identified some flea beetles. To get rid of them, he recommended spraying them with soapy water. He also pointed out some loopers, which BT eliminates. We asked about grub worms, which we found in some beds. They nibble at roots and then turn into beetles. They are difficult to get rid of, but once they turn into beetles, they can be sprayed with soapy water.


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